Interlocked Switch and Socket Enclosures by Electrix International Ltd

New Interlocked Switch & Socket Enclosures

Electrix International Ltd is proud to introduce its latest innovative product, the new and improved Interlocked Switch & Socket Enclosure range. These IP66 rated Stainless Steel Enclosures have been designed with every hygienic electrical installation in mind. View the product page online for technical information.

New and improved features include:

15° Sloping Roof

Electrix was the world’s first cable management company to develop a 15° Sloping Roof enclosure and we have now included this feature in our latest range. The 15° angle helps to prevent water and undesirable objects from settling on the roof of the enclosure.

Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Points

These enclosures feature our unique Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Point invention. These discreet fixing points are proven to keep water out of the enclosure and eliminate the need for difficult-to-clean external brackets. Watch the demonstration video here.

Mennekes Switches & Sockets

The advantages of Mennekes branded switches / sockets include superior durability along with a more user friendly layout and switch size in comparison to other brands. Compatible with most common plugs such as those used with other brands of sockets (e.g. Scame etc).

Larger Enclosure

Following feedback from many of our customers, we decided to increase the size of the enclosure in this range to improve usability. The wider enclosure allows operators, many of whom could be wearing protective gloves, to have more room to manoeuvre.

For more information, please visit the dedicated product page here.

This range is also available with Scame switches if desired.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any more information about any of our product ranges.

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