Sloping Roof Stainless Steel Enclosures by Electrix

Electrix International Ltd is the world’s leading manufacturer and stockist of Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures, Trunking, Conduit, Cable Tray and Basket Tray.

This video focuses on our Sloping Roof Electrical Enclosures. Key benefits include:

  • 15° Sloping Roof helps to prevent undesirable objects and water droplets from resting on the stainless steel electrical enclosure.
  • Recess provides extra protection to the lid / switches.
  • Optional factory-fitted switches and push buttons (IP65 and IP66 rated devices only).
  • When adequately sealed with third party IP69K devices, the electrical enclosures are IP69K rated.
  • Unique Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Points built into each electrical enclosure, helping to maintain the IP Rating.
  • Gasket and Captive Lid Fixings factory-fitted to the lid.

For more information, and to view our full catalogue of products, explore the website or call us on +44 (0)1388 774455.

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