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Benefits of Using Water Seals for Mounting Enclosures

One of the key benefits of Electrix’ PATENTED Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Points (Water Seals) is that they assist in maintaining the IP Rating of our electrical enclosures. Understanding Ingress Protection ratings (IP Ratings) is extremely important when planning your installation. An IP Rating is used to specify the degree to which an electrical enclosure protects against the intrusion of foreign bodies and moisture. Please refer to this article for more information.

Traditionally, enclosures are drilled on-site to allow for fixing to a wall or machinery. Silicone or a similar substance is used around screws to repel moisture and prevent ingress of foreign bodies. Alternatively, external brackets are welded to the enclosure to aid fixing. Although simpler for the installer, this results in difficult-to-clean areas around the enclosure and a less aesthetic appearance.

Our unique Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Points maintain the aesthetics of the enclosure, eliminate the need for excessive drilling or the purchase of additional products, and make installing the enclosure much more time and cost efficient.

How do they work?

Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Points are situated at the rear of an enclosure and have been uniquely designed to eliminate the possibility of water entering the enclosure from the fixing point (see the video at the foot of this article). 400 Volts of life-threatening electricity can be contained within an electrical enclosure at any time making water resistance an essential requirement.

Installing an enclosure couldn’t be easier. In order to fit one of our IP69K/IP66 enclosures using the Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Points, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Remove the enclosures water seal caps using a 5 mm Allen Key.
  2. Mark and drill the mounting surface (e.g. wall, machine etc).
  3. Insert your fixing screws through the Sealed Compartment Wall Fixing Points and secure the enclosure to the wall or machine.
  4. Replace the water seal caps using a 5 mm Allen Key.

All in all, this can be completed in less time than it would take to drill one fixing hole.

What are the benefits?

  • Proven to keep water out of your electrical enclosure.
  • Eliminates the need for difficult-to-clean external brackets.
  • Faster installation; drilling holes in the enclosure is no longer required.
  • BSI tested to 1000 PSI (70 bar).
  • Helps to maintain the IP Rating of your enclosure.

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