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How to Cut and Thread Conduit

It is important to note the following instructions are for guidance purposes only. For use of electric threading tools, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual. Do not attempt to work with electrical equipment unless fully trained to do so.
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304 and 316 Stainless Steel: What are the main differences?

We supply many of our Stainless Steel products in a choice of two grades; 304 (also known as 1.4301 or V2A) and 316 (also known as 1.4404 or V4A). It is extremely difficult to visually differentiate between the two steel types. Both 304 and 316 grades of Stainless Steel are easy to clean, easy to weld and are renowned for their durability and sustainability. Both grades also offer excellent levels of corrosion resistance especially when compared to other steel types.
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