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Published: 01/10/2018

Stainless Steel in the Food Processing Industry

Hygiene and Safety; the core principles of any food production site.

From protection against contamination to adhering to vigorous maintenance procedures, Electrix understands the pressures that the Food Processing industry faces when designing, maintaining and operating food manufacturing facilities.

The Food Standards Agency states that:

“The location, design, layout and construction of food premises and the choice of fixtures, fittings and equipment are crucial to ensure that food businesses can operate under hygienic conditions and produce food safely.”

Electrix manufactures Stainless Steel Cable Management Systems which help you to meet these requirements.

Our Stainless Steel Wire Basket Cable Tray is regularly specified by the world’s leading food manufacturers due to its light weight and maintainability, making it ideal for wash-down areas.

Stainless Steel fittings such as our Munson Ring Kits and Stand-off Brackets eliminate difficult to clean areas, avoiding the build-up of contamination.

Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures are also a popular choice due to the need to meet Ingress Protection Ratings (the degree to which an Electrical Enclosure protects against the intrusion of foreign bodies and moisture); extremely important within the food manufacturing industry.

Case Study

Bakkavor Group’s 2016 corporate video demonstrates how the fast-paced, dynamic food production lines operate with an array of Stainless Steel processing facilities. From state of the art machinery to food processing conveyors, strict hygiene requirements have enforced food manufacturers to operate to the very highest standards.

Here at Electrix, we are delighted that our Stainless Steel Cable Management Systems are the preferred choice for many of the world’s most prestigious food manufacturers.

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