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L-SUPPORT 100 304 | L-Support Bracket

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Electrix® L-Support Brackets, in 304 - V2A - 1.4301 stainless steel, are used when installing parallel runs of tray, trunking and conduit.

This support bracket is compatible with any of our Flat Lid Trunking, Apex Lid Trunking, Conduit and Cable Tray Systems up to 115 mm in width.

Material Information
  • Material TypeStainless Steel
  • Material Grade304 - V2A - 1.4301
  • Material FinishSatin (Brushed)
  • Surface Finish (µm Ra)< 0.5
  • Material Thickness (mm)4
  • Height (mm)152
  • Width (mm)115
  • Hole ØM10
  • Recommended Usable Width (mm)Up to 115
  • Recommended Usable Height (mm)Up to 152
  • Maximum Usable Width (mm)115
  • Footprint (mm)115 x 60
  • Length of Cantilever (mm)115
For Use With
  • For Trunking Size (mm)75 x 75, 100 x 50, 100 x 100, 50 x 50
  • For Tray Width (mm)51, 75, 76, 100, 102, 50
General Information
  • Ideally Suited ForFood, Dairy, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Soft Drinks, Architectural companies & many more
  • Compatible WithFlat Lid Trunking, 15° Apex Lid Trunking, Lighting Trunking, Metric Conduit, NPT Conduit, Medium Duty Straight Edge Cable Tray, Medium Duty Return Flange Cable Tray, Heavy Duty Return Flange Cable Tray, Wire Basket Cable Tray, Brackets, Fasteners
  • Pack Quantity1
  • Weight (kg)0.37
  • Commodity Code73269098
  • DisclaimerImages are representative of range and for illustration purposes only. Please check the full specifications for more information. All dimensions are subject to tolerances - please refer to the technical drawings.

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