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  • Stainless Steel WashdownPro Recessed Lid Enclosures by Electrix
    The Ultimate Stainless Steel Washdown Sloping Roof Enclosures

SR15 Series - Stainless Steel WASHDOWNPRO Enclosures

Stainless Steel WashdownPro Recessed Lid Electrical Enclosures by Electrix

The Ultimate Washdown Sloping Roof Enclosures

Our new WASHDOWNPRO recessed lid enclosure range has been designed specifically for the Food, Dairy, Brewing, Soft Drinks and Pharmaceutical industries, where stringent cleaning guidelines are regularly observed.

When hygiene is a priority for your installation, it is imperative that all external surfaces are accessible for cleaning, with minimal opportunities for dirt and grime to build up. Unique features, such as our IP69K / IP66 Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points and Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars, are some of the many hygiene benefits of the new WASHDOWNPRO range of enclosures by Electrix®.

The IP69K / IP66 External Threaded Wall Fixing Points allow the enclosures to be installed without compromising the IP69K / IP66 rating, and reduce the amount of extra drilling required on site, saving you time and money.

If your installation requires thorough cleaning behind the enclosure, our optional Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars are the ideal optional extra to achieve this. The pillars are threaded to allow them to fit perfectly into pre-formed holes at the rear of the enclosure.

Hygienic Benefits

15° Sloping Roof

The SR15 Recessed Lid Enclosures feature a 15° sloping roof, which sheds unwanted liquids and prevents items being stored on top of the enclosure.

Stainless Steel WashdownPro Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points by Electrix

IP69K / IP66 Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points

Pioneered by Electrix® in 2003, our unique Wall Fixing Points have been adopted worldwide as the most hygienic and robust mounting solution available for Stainless Steel Enclosures.

The new WASHDOWNPRO range of enclosures includes our improved and unique IP69K / IP66 Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points. Invented by Electrix®, these Wall Fixing Points enhance the washdown suitability of the enclosure by preventing the ingress of water and dust into the enclosure body via the fixing locations.

For more information, click here 🗗.

Stainless Steel WashdownPro Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars by Electrix

Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars

When hygiene is a priority for your installation and thorough cleaning behind your enclosure is a requirement, Electrix® Stainless Steel Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars 🗗 are the ideal solution.

Electrix® patented stand-off mounting pillars are available in three different lengths (19 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm) to suit the requirements of your installation. Fitted with a silicone washer and o-ring, these easy-to-clean pillars minimise potential bug traps which are common with less hygienic external brackets and other mounting options that are available.

The threaded end of the pillar engages with threads at the rear of the enclosure, making them quick and easy to install. These pillars, combined with Electrix® unique IP69K / IP66 Internal Wall Fixing Points (included as part of all WASHDOWNPRO enclosures), ensure that the integral IP69K / IP66 rating of your enclosure is not compromised in any way.

The SR15-PB and SR15-TCE WASHDOWNPRO enclosures include 19 mm Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars as standard with 50 mm and 75 mm available as optional extras 🗗.


An angled top encourages liquid run-off during cleaning, and a fully concealed gasket maintains the IP rating of the enclosure, whilst ensuring the enclosure meets various industry hygiene standards.


The overhang on our SR15 Series enclosures is tilted upwards to limit water flowing down the front of the lid.

Recessed Lid Protection

The lid of the enclosure is recessed and protected by a hood, minimising potential damage to the installed hardware.

Drainage Channel

Essential for easy cleaning and reducing the opportunity for dirt and grime build-up.

Stainless Steel SR15 WashdownPro Electrical Enclosures Multiple Configurations by Electrix

Multiple Configurations

Terminal & control, rotary isolator switch and push-button configurations available.

Choice of Fixings

Captive slotted screws as standard, or hexagon style fixings available on request.


Why Electrix?

Our world-renowned Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures are favoured and regularly specified by many of the World's leading food processing and pharmaceutical companies.

In environments where hygiene is critical and ease of washdown is of paramount importance, engineers at Mars, Heinz and Coca-Cola, amongst others, trust Electrix® to expertly provide the solutions to their problems.

The combination of Electrix® innovative threaded wall fixing points and removable stand-off mounting pillars, make the new WASHDOWNPRO enclosure range the most hygienic solution for companies worldwide.

Discover the SR15 WASHDOWNPRO range 🗗