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    The Custom Shop

Save time, labour and money with our Custom Shop

A little time spent planning and consulting with our Custom Shop Team can result in bespoke products designed to greatly reduce your installation times and provide many other benefits.

Our highly skilled Custom Shop Team are equipped with the very latest CAD software, providing a fast turnaround time for your next fully customised products.

Stainless steel electrical enclosures with laser cut cable entry holes by the Electrix Custom Shop

Custom Shop Electrical Enclosures

By designing custom enclosures to your exact specifications and requirements, our Custom Shop can eliminate the usual complications and headaches associated with drilling and cutting cable entry holes and apertures into stainless steel.

Common problems we often hear about include:

  • Sharp burrs left over from drilling stainless steel leading to cut fingers
  • Drill bits slipping and scratching the steel
  • Drill bits breaking
  • Extra time needed to complete the work
  • Extra parts needed to replace damages

Equipped with the latest fibre laser cutting technology, our Custom Shop can remove these issues efficiently and effectively without damaging the enclosure. In less than a second, our laser cutters can cut a 20 mm burr-free cable entry hole and with pin-point accuracy the holes are always in the right place. A perfect result every time!

Most of our Custom Shop enclosures are IP69K / IP66, cULus Listed, CE and NSF Certified.

So, whether you have 1 or 100 holes to drill, it is always worthwhile considering a Custom Shop product.

Contact our Custom Shop today with your requirements and let us do the hard work for you.

Custom Shop Trunking & Cable Tray

Every day, our customers receive Trunking and Cable Tray from us which have been custom manufactured to their exact requirements. Ranging from simple adjustments such as basket tray cut to specific lengths, to non-standard sized cable tray, to a more complex full trunking ‘kit’ which is then ready to be assembled as a 'plug and play' installation.

Customers can send us CAD models of their requirements allowing our Custom Shop to develop a 'kit' of components. All pieces can be designed and produced to specific sizes and specifications as indicated by the customer's drawings.

For any parts requiring holes or cut-outs, our state-of-the-art laser cutters can produce burr-free apertures with pin-point accuracy, giving you a perfect solution to even the most complex installation.

Contact our Custom Shop today with your requirements and let us show you what we can do.

Laser Marking Service

As part of our recent investments, we have added Stainless Steel Laser Marking to our extensive Custom Shop services.

Used extensively on our standard products, laser marking is the most hygienic method of permanently marking stainless steel.

The process of laser marking, also known as annealing, is the ability to mark the stainless steel without damaging or changing the texture of the surface.

This is possible due to a precise combination of heat and laser wavelength which acts as a catalyst for oxidation beneath the material surface, creating a coloured mark that is both permanent, highly accurate and corrosion-resistant.

Surgical medical instruments are often marked with the same annealing process.

As the marking occurs beneath the surface of the material, this means that no dirt or grime particles are able to accumulate in the markings (an issue with stamp marking and ink filling), reducing the risk of contamination and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene that many of our customers require and rely upon.

To find out more view our Stainless Steel Laser Marker in action.

Contact our Custom Shop today with your requirements and let us show you what we can do.

Ideas for your next project

Custom Shop Electrical Enclosures

  • Alternative product shapes and sizes
  • Pre-lasered cable entry holes
  • Pre-lasered mounting holes
  • Pre-punched gear mounting plates
  • Push-button configurations
  • More hygienic 'hex' lid fixings
  • Security lid fixings - ideal for public places and prisons
  • Laser cut apertures for LCDs, Harting sockets, USB connections, LED pilot lights etc.
  • Gland plates
  • Flush-mounting flanges to allow hinged cabinets to be installed into wall cavities

Custom Shop Cable Tray

  • Custom lengths and sizes
  • Pre-lasered support fixing points
  • 15° and 30° bends
  • Multi-compartment cable tray
  • Non-perforated bases and different hole configurations
  • Alternative material grades and thicknesses
  • Security fixings - ideal for public places and prisons
  • 'Kits' to be assembled on-site

Custom Shop Trunking

  • Custom lengths and sizes
  • Pre-lasered cable entry points
  • Pre-lasered support fixing points
  • 15° and 30° bends
  • Bench trunking
  • Dado / perimeter trunking
  • Multi-compartment trunking
  • Internal lid safety chains
  • Perforated bases
  • Alternative material grades and thicknesses
  • Security fixings - ideal for public places and prisons
  • 'Kits' to be assembled on-site
  • Architectural trunking for lighting etc.
  • Lid gasket material

Custom Shop Laser Marking

  • Your company logo
  • Safety instructions
  • Push-button identification
  • Cable entry identification

Our Custom Shop has created custom designs for many different types of installation, and are equipped to carry out any requirements you may need.

Contact our Custom Shop Team directly with your ideas.

Electrix' custom shop team meant that our on-site engineers no longer needed specialist tools in order to complete the installation, saving us time and money.
Worldwide Beverage Company

Our Custom Shop Team was recently approached by engineers from a well-known beverage company to develop products that would significantly reduce installation time. The solution was responsible for reducing the installation time by 25%.

The engineers contacted our Custom Shop Team to discuss their requirements - over 100 enclosures with 4 custom-cut holes in each. This would have taken the engineers over 80 hours to manually cut, but our Custom Shop designers developed an enclosure that was ready for them to install immediately. All of these enclosures were delivered successfully within 10 days of ordering.

Electrix' custom built enclosures and project design coordination ensure that we can offer our client an efficient & high quality clean room utility control station.
Specialist Electrical Engineering Company

"The Electrix solution saves on project life-cycle time by offering ease of installation in clean room structures and adaptability to different applications. High quality design and manufacturing makes for right first time delivery of our products to the end user. Throw in a fantastic Electrix sales team and it makes for a fantastic collaborative experience."

The Custom Shop designed a number of custom Flush Mounted Pharma Enclosures for this customer to be installed in their customer's clean room environment.

The service and speed of the fabrication and delivery of all specials from the Electrix Custom Shop is great.
Leading Industrial Services Provider
for Indianapolis-based Pharmaceutical Company

"There were asbestos issues on this project meaning we could not drill any steelwork and can only clamp, so the Custom Shop has helped massively with helping me put a clamp together that has allowed us to install conduit quicker and more efficiently than with drilling and fixing saddles to steelwork. The service and speed of the fabrication and delivery of all specials from the Electrix Custom Shop is great and I appreciate what they have done in assisting us on site with this project and the commitment they have shown to us as customers."

The Custom Shop designed a number of Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures and Stainless Steel Clamping Accessories for this installation at an Indianapolis-based Pharmaceutical giant's new processing facilities.