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Published: 28/05/2020

COVID-19 - Company Statement (US)


COVID-19 - Company Statement


Dear Valued Customer,

As the current COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, I would like to let you know that Electrix International is still fully operational, with no disruption to sales, customer service or production facilities.

We are fully adhering to the advice of the Government and taking our own additional steps to protect the Electrix Team.

Important Projects

We are currently supplying a number of large Food and Beverage companies and Pharmaceutical organizations that include drug testing facilities. We feel it is important to continue to supply these projects, allowing new drugs to be developed and food supplies to be increased.

In the interests of the public, we will be prioritizing current and future orders for such projects to allow them to be completed as soon as possible.

Additional attention will be applied to non-priority orders with the aim to dispatch products that are in inventory within 24 hours.

Taking care of the Electrix Team

At Electrix, our employees are our number one priority. To minimize the potential spread and exposure to COVID-19, we have taken the following steps:

  • Enforced a handwashing routine for every employee arriving at work, whilst encouraging more frequent hand-washing during their shift and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Where possible, we have asked many of our office workers to work from home and have relocated other members of the office team to make use of the training rooms and spare offices.
  • Due to our large production and warehouse facilities, personnel have a large area of individual work space. 
  • All staff are observing social distancing rules and working a minimum of 7 ft apart. 
  • Enhanced the cleaning of our offices and touch points.
  • Suspended all non-critical visitors to our premises.
  • Made employees aware that they should not come to work if they are showing any Coronavirus symptoms as laid out by NHS and WHO.
  • Spoken with members of the team who may have childcare issues or underlying health issues.

We are monitoring the Government’s recommendations regarding COVID-19 on a daily basis and updating all of the team with any relevant information.

Planning Ahead

Our sales and production facilities are continuing to run smoothly with no disruption to production or to the supply of our Stainless Steel Cable Management Products.

To further enhance our position and minimize disruption to your supply, we have also taken the following steps:

  • Increased production in key areas to increase the inventory of many standard products.
  • Increased raw material inventory to 12 months’ worth with additional planned orders and call-off orders ongoing on a monthly basis.
  • Operators are multi-skilled so processes are not dependent on one person should that person have to self-isolate.


We are liaising daily with our freight partners for updates and advice regarding deliveries of goods.

For international shipping, at present we are seeing no change, with airport cargo terminals and ports remaining open.

Pandemic Team

Our Pandemic Team are regularly monitoring the Government / WHO advice and taking all necessary precautions to reduce the spread of the virus.

The health of the Electrix Team is our main priority and we have contingency strategies in place to ensure Electrix International can continue to provide support to your company for years to come.

Reduced Business Hours

To allow the Electrix Team to spend more time resting and spend time with their families, we have temporarily reduced our business hours.

Monday to Thursday 07:00 – 12:00, Friday 07:00 – 11:30 (EST).

These new hours will take effect on 25th March 2020 until further notice.


Be Strong. Stay Upbeat. We will get through this.

I would like to thank you for your continued support in these difficult times.

We hope you, your family and your colleagues remain healthy and safe.


We are continuously reviewing the situation and will keep you informed as it evolves.




Chris Thompson


Last Updated: 10/15/2020 - This blog post will be updated should any of the above change.