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  • Electrix - Environmental Policy
    Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Electrix recognises the importance of controlling the impact we have on the environment. We endeavour to operate as an environmentally friendly establishment; doing our utmost to provide a healthy, happy working environment. We take pride in our energy efficiency and incorporate environmental factors in our products, packaging, design and manufacturing methods.

Recyclable Products

Our Stainless Steel Cable Management Systems are fully recyclable. From Conduit Systems to Medium Duty Return Flange Cable Tray, all Stainless Steel can be fully recycled; giving our industry an impeccable environmental track record.

Energy Consumption

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizes energy efficient lighting, complete with motion sensors and timing functions, drastically reducing the amount of energy being wasted.

The manufacturing facility was designed with efficiency in mind, and all of our in-house electrical installations feature multiple control points to allow ease of access to manually turn off machinery; a practice encouraged when machinery is not in use.

We source all of our machinery responsibly and always consider energy consumption before investing in new machines.

Robust In-House Recycling Policy

Electrix operates a company-wide recycling policy.

Color coded for instant recognition, the recycling process is easy to follow, with specific areas for:

- Kitchen organics, mixed glass and food & drink cans.

- Paper, cardboard and plastics. 

The benefit of implementing this policy has been a significant increase in the amount of waste being recycled and a major reduction in the volume of general waste going to landfill.

Packaging & Marketing Materials

Hundreds of shipments leave our distribution facility weekly, so we have designed and developed our packaging to be fully recyclable.

Organic Chemicals

Electrix use, where possible, organically produced chemicals during our passivation process. The chemicals are biodegradable and water-soluble allowing ease of disposal.

Oil Disposal

Our annual machinery service includes the collection and disposal of used hydraulic fluids for recycling.