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SR15-PB1-S316-30.5 | WASHDOWNPRO IP69K / Type 4X 15° Sloped Top Push-Button Enclosure with Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars

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The Ultimate Washdown Range

Our new WASHDOWNPRO shroud protected enclosure series has been designed specifically for the Food, Dairy, Brewing, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries, where stringent cleaning guidelines are regularly observed.

Designed to accommodate push-buttons, switches and pilot lights from a variety of manufacturers, these IP69K 15° Sloped Top Push-Button Enclosures with Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars, in 316L - V4A - 1.4404 stainless steel, have been certified by NSF International 🗗, making them the ideal solution for washdown environments where high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning equipment is regularly used.

Worldwide Patented Products

Invented by Electrix®, the WASHDOWNPRO series of enclosures feature our unique IP69K / IP66 Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points and Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars, to facilitate cleaning procedures and allow the enclosures to be installed a fixed distance away from the mounting surface, without compromising the Type / IP rating. These unique features save you time and money by reducing the amount of extra drilling required on site and are ideal for applications where sanitation is a priority for your installation and NEC airspace requirements need to be achieved or exceeded.

WASHDOWNPRO Sanitary Benefits:
  • Overhanging 15° Sloped Top
  • Angled Top & Fully Concealed Gasket
  • Shrouded Recessed Cover
  • Drainage Channel
  • Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points
  • 3/4" (19 mm) Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars
  • NSF Certified
  • Click here for more details 🗗

This satin (brushed) finish 15° sloped top push-button enclosure is 4.50 (5.70) x 4.50 x 3.35 (4.50) (H1 (H2) x W x D1 (D2) in.) with 1 x 30.5 mm push-button aperture in the cover.

Complete with easy to clean 3/4" (19 mm) removable stand-off mounting pillars, DIN rail, cover with gasket, captive cover fixing screws & ground terminals.

IP69K / IP66*
Type 1 / 3 / 5 / 12 / 13 / 4 / 4X*

Material Information
  • Material TypeStainless Steel
  • Material Grade316L - V4A - 1.4404
  • Material FinishSatin (Brushed)
  • Surface Finish (µm Ra)< 0.5
  • Material Thickness (Gauge)16
  • Material Thickness (mm)1.5
  • Size - H1 (H2) x W x D1 (D2) in.4.50 (5.70) x 4.50 x 3.35 (4.50)
  • Size - H1 (H2) x W x D1 (D2) mm115 (145) x 115 x 85 (115)
  • Height 1 (in.)4.50
  • Height 1 (mm)115
  • Height 2 (in.)5.70
  • Height 2 (mm)145
  • Width (in.)4.50
  • Width (mm)115
  • Depth 1 (in.)3.35
  • Depth 1 (mm)85
  • Depth 2 (in.)4.50
  • Depth 2 (mm)115
  • Custom Design

    Custom Designs available on request.

    • Polished Finish
    • Custom sizes
    • Pre-lasered cable entry holes & laser cut apertures
    • Extra sanitary cover fixing screws
    • Security cover fixing screws
    • DIN Rails or Gear Plates
    • Alternative hole configurations
    Click here to visit The Custom Shop.
  • 15º Sloping RoofSheds unwanted liquids and prevents items being stored on top of the enclosure.

    Alternative angles (e.g. 30° Sloped Top) are available from The Custom Shop 🗗.
  • OverhangTilted upwards to limit water flowing down the front of the cover.
  • LidAngled top to encourage liquid run-off during cleaning, and a fully concealed gasket to maintain the Type / IP rating of the enclosure.
  • Recessed Lid ProtectionThe cover of the enclosure is recessed and protected by a hood, minimizing potential damage to the installed hardware.
  • Drainage ChannelEssential for easy cleaning and reducing the opportunity for dirt and grime build-up.
  • Internal Threaded Wall Fixing PointsThe new WASHDOWNPRO range of enclosures include our unique IP69K / IP66 / Type 4X Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points. Invented by Electrix®, these Wall Fixing Points allow the enclosure to be installed without compromising the IP69K / IP66 / Type 4X rating, and reduce the amount of extra drilling required on site, saving you time and money.
  • Removable Stand-Off Mounting PillarsIncluded as standard, our WASHDOWNPRO Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars allow your enclosure to be installed a fixed distance away from a mounting surface without compromising the IP69K / IP66 / Type 4X rating, facilitating cleaning and washdown procedures. The pillars are threaded to allow them to fit perfectly into pre-formed holes at the rear of the enclosure, whilst the silicone washers assist with the sanitation of the installation.
  • External Wall Fixing Point Cover Kits

    In some circumstances, the installation of a WASHDOWNPRO enclosure may result in unused wall fixing points remaining visible to users.

    Electrix® enclosures maintain their IP69K / IP66 / Type 4X rating and uncompromised sanitation even with these apertures exposed. However, when you need the ultimate in sanitation and aesthetics, we recommend using our WASHDOWNPRO External Wall Fixing Point Cover Kits 🗗.

    If you would like to cover all of the wall fixing points, you will require 2 covers for this enclosure.

Push-Button Information
  • Push-Button SuppliedPush-buttons not included
    Compatible with all brands of push-buttons, switches and pilot lights
  • Number of Holes1
  • Hole Keyways4
  • Hole LocationCover
  • Hole Pattern1 central
Enclosure Information
  • Roof Angle15°
  • Captive Cover FixingsYes
  • Lid / Cover Gasket MaterialUL Recognized Neoprene EPDM Closed Cell (One Piece)
  • Lift-off Lid / CoverYes
  • Fixing MethodIP69K / Type 4X Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points with 3/4" Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars - Suitable for use with 1/4" / M6 countersunk fixings when the mounting pillars are in use, and up to 5/16" / M8 countersunk fixings when the pillars are not used
  • Stand-Off Mounting Pillar Gasket MaterialBlue Silicone Rubber (FDA)
  • Internal Wall Fixing Points2
  • NEC Airspace Fixings3/4" Stand-Off Mounting Pillar exceeds NEC airspace requirements for Metal Enclosures
  • DIN RailFitted
  • DIN Rail Length (in.)4.05
  • DIN Rail Length (mm)103
  • DIN Rail Style35 mm (W) x 7.5 mm (H) - Top Hat
  • DIN Rail PositionHorizontal / Central
  • Compact FootprintYes
  • Adhesive labels on Lid / CoverNo
  • GroundingGround terminals
Ratings & Standards
  • ApprovalscULus ListedNSFIP69KIP66CE
  • UL InformationIndustrial Control Panel Enclosure
    In accordance with UL508A
    CSA C22.2 No. 14-13
    File Number: E233527
  • CE InformationEN 60670-1
    EN 60529
    EN 63000
  • Hygiene StandardsNSF/ANSI/3A 14159-1 Hygiene Requirements for
    the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment
  • Environmental RatingType 1 / 3 / 5 / 12 / 13 / 4 / 4X*
    IP69K / IP66*
  • Operating Temperature (without Impact)-40°C to +121°C (-40°F to +250°F)
General Information
  • Supplied WithEasy to clean 3/4" Removable Stand-Off Mounting Pillars, IP69K / Type 4X Internal Threaded Wall Fixing Points, DIN Rail, Cover with Gasket, Captive Cover Fixing Screws & Ground Terminals
  • Ideally Suited ForOffshore, Food, Dairy, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Architectural companies & many more
  • Pack Quantity1
  • Weight (lb)2.87
  • Weight (kg)1.30
  • HTS Code7326908688
  • Fine Print*IP / Type rating is only maintained when all apertures are adequately sealed. This is an open enclosure unless suitably rated auxiliary devices are installed to fill the openings.
  • DisclaimerImages are representative of range and for illustration purposes only. Please check the full specifications for more information. All dimensions are subject to tolerances - please refer to the technical drawings.

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