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    The Custom Shop

The Custom Shop

We can help you reduce your installation times!

Our highly skilled Custom Design Team are equipped with the very latest CAD software, providing a fast turnaround time for custom products.

A little time spent planning and consulting with our Custom Shop Team can result in products designed to greatly reduce your installation times and provide many other benefits.

Save Time, Labor and Money

Our Custom Shop Team was recently approached by engineers from a well-known Beverage company to develop products that would significantly reduce installation time.

Prior to contacting Electrix, the on-site engineers required the use of several specialist tools in order to prepare products for use in their facility. This roadblock is typically responsible for 25% of the installation time.

The engineers contacted our Custom Shop Team to discuss their requirements - over 100 enclosures with 4 custom-cut holes in each. This would have taken the engineers over 80 hours to manually cut, but our Custom Shop designers developed an enclosure that was ready for them to install immediately. All of these enclosures were delivered successfully within 10 days of ordering.

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